Born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, I, Jim Mahler, Jr, am the eldest son of James Sr., and Mary Ann. My younger brother, Jeff, started me in this business by purchasing me my first mixing board at the age of 17 and telling me, "Do something with your life that you enjoy."

Born with a love for music, I started my business from five records and a single turntable. Over two decades later all my equipment is now top of the line and that turntable along with those five records remain in my home and in my heart. My system now is fully digital as well as compact disc. The light show alone can iluminate the largest of rooms. The clarity is the most important part of a Disc Jockey's sound. I was blessed to meet a friend that was not only a Disc Jockey at Studio 54 in NYC, he was also a road engineer for Marc Anthony. He took me and what I had and broke me down to nothing. After taking me back to the basic's he rebuilt my system to a state of the art mobile sound design and the lights are the icing on the cake.

I am a graduate of Lancaster Catholic High School, to which I contribute much of my success. However it was Rick's Place owner, Mr. Rick Bomberger, who truly inspired me to want to

Do something with your life that you enjoy

become a Disc Jockey. After spending time with him and seeing how he worked, I met several other Disc Jockey's that allowed me to work for free with them but learn so much. With all of these wonderful people I was groomed to become not just a Disc Jockey, but the Entertainer I am today.

Since the age of seventeen, there has been much development in both my Disc Jockey career and my personal life. I have two wonderful children, a son James III, and Kayla, my step-daughter from a previous marriage.

I take much pride in making someone's special day and event enjoyable but above all memorable. I have so many people that have helped me over the years to thank. My Mother and Father gave up so much time driving me around when I only had a junior drivers license to go from event to event, as well as taking time to leave work so I could borrower their truck to get to an afternoon wedding. Parents always want more for their children then they had for themselves. I am blessed to have Parent's that not only say those words but live them. In addition to all of the above I have no one more than God to thank for giving me this gift to entertain.

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